Professional Development

One unique goal of the CERSI collaboration between Georgetown and the FDA is to provide enhanced professional development for both communities. Scientists and researchers at the FDA and Georgetown both benefit from opportunities to engage in research, teaching, and clinical practice.

Building, maintaining, and enhancing professional skills and relationships allow both the university and the agency to maintain a workforce that is better informed about emerging methods in science, a necessary component to regulatory review and regulatory science.

Teaching Opportunities


Georgetown University offers Introduction to Regulatory Science in fall semesters. The course is composed of 14 sessions focused on various topics relevant to regulatory science, such as bioethics, toxicology and product safety, clinical research tools and approaches, food science, and others. We are always looking for qualified candidates from FDA, industry organizations, and other academic institutions to co-teach classes with GU faculty. Individuals interested in lecturing should contact Erin Wilhelm,

Learning Opportunities

Georgetown University students and faculty are interested in experiential learning opportunities in regulatory agencies and within industry or related organizations. If you or your organization has an opportunity for students to contribute through an internship, fellowship, or other opportunity, please contact Erin Wilhelm,

Research Opportunities

The Georgetown University PRSM and CERSI are engaged in a number of regulatory science research projects. If you are interested in participating as a collaborator on any of the projects described, please contact Erin Wilhelm,